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The Hammam Arabic Baths of Granada

At the foot of the Alhambra on the bank of the River Dario, opposite the Bañuelo (eleventh century Arabic baths) and in one of the prettiest streets in Granada, you will find our Arabic baths, or Hammam; a delight for the senses.

In In the Al Andalus period, these establishments were common in Granada, with each area having its own Hammam. Today, a number of these Arabic baths can still be found under the Albaizin houses.

Ours are the first Hammam in Spain to have restored the tradition of baths as a sensory pleasure. In the splendour of the Nazari period, the Hammam in Granada were centres for hygiene, pleasure, or were simply relaxing places to meet together amid the vapour, soft music and beams of light penetrating the chambers from above.

A visit to the Hammam would be the ideal way to complete your stay with us in Granada in the Charming Accommodation.

Our customers may also enjoy visiting the Arabic baths we have restored (in the same traditional way) in Cordoba and Madrid.


Carrera del Darro Street Granada

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