The Albaicín and the Alhambra
from the mirador de la
Cruz de Rauda.

The Albaicín may be approached by a variety of routes which depend entirely on your priorities. The most customary is to seek out its miradores (viewing points), from which the city lies at your feet, each offering a separate chapter in history. From la Lona, next to Plaza de San Miguel Bajo, the Christian city is pinpointed by its domes and towers, landmarks of Castilian occupation and the city’s subsequent developments. The Plaza de San Nicolás or Carvajales, offer a privileged perspective of the Alhambra and its fortress, remarkably close to the viewer. From San Cristóbal, the view is widened out to capture the plain of Granada (the vega), Sierra Nevada and the wall broken by the Dar–al–Horra palace. And from Cruz de Rauda, a different Alhambra, and the whole Albaicín, at our feet.